Clodronate in a multimodal treatment approach

I'm Richard Markell, I'm a veterinarian in San Diego California. I do primarily orthopedics and sports medicine for jumpers and dressage horses. I was formerly one of the veterans for the United States Olympic team and traveled with them for four or five years and and now in private practice and consulting.

Well, OSPHOS (clodronate) has really been a revolutionary product from several different sides. Obviously from the patient, we've had just remarkable clinical response and having a tool that treated bone pain, inflammatory pain differently than any medication that's been available to us previously; in a much safer form, much more economical form with some great research behind it, and unbelievable clinical response. So it's changed it in that way from our actual care, for taking care of our athletes.

The other side of it is it's really opened up a great conversation with our clients and the ability to have a conversation about what is best for your horse, how do we treat your horse, long-term management, and looking at the whole horse rather than, "Just give a drug," or "Just do an injection."And, you know, we've talked about, you know, "By the way, we need to do this with the shoeing, we need to pay attention to this training regime you have and showing regime. We need to change the shoes. I'm concerned about your saddle fit, and your horse is too fat."

So it gives me the opportunity to really be part of that preventative care and that maintenance care for that horse doing what's best for the horse and the and the rider.